Every day we will be adding a new face to the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are so many stories right here in Western New York.  We wanted to put a face to those stories.  If you know someone who deserves to be on this wall of recognition please send us a photo along with their name and their job description.

Ashlie Marcyan RN Hero

Ashlie Marcyan
Speech Pathologist
St. Mary’s Hospital

Patrick Dunn RN
St. Mary’s ICU

Diane Tedesco RN Hero

Diane Tedesco RN
One of our own!

Jeff and Crystal Frazier Covid 19 heroes

Jeffrey Frazier Firefighter
Crystal Frazier RN


Samantha Grizanti Hall and Liz Grizanti
Catholic Health Workers

Jeanine Gillotti RN Covid 19 hero

Jeanine Gillotti RN

Kelly Reid Covid 19 Hero

Kelly Reid
Health Care Worker


Susan Holycross Fittante RN
ICU at VA Hospital

Paul Thurman

Paul Thurman
Quality Control Manager

Michelle Hughes Kilmer

Michelle Hughes Kilmer
Eldercare Specialist

Cailey Wright

Cailey Wright RN

Jennifer Pauly and Suzanne Raby

Jennifer Pauly and Suzanne Raby
Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce

Gordy and Alicia Stewart

Gordy Stewart Capt. NFFD
Alicia Stewart RN

Mike and Suzanne Elliott

Mike and Suzanne Elliott
Essential Workers


Lisa Marie Wilson
MRI Specialist  St. Mary’s Hospital

Doug Collins Main Automotive

Doug Collins
Main Automotive Essential Worker

lisa joy rn

Lisa Joy

scott hoyle

Scott Hoyle
HVAC Essential Worker

Christina Smith

Christina Smith
Grocery Store Manager Essential Worker

DAn DiFonzo

Dan DiFonzo RN
Buffalo General

Francis Reuther

Francis Routher
Medical Professional working a Covid-19 Floor

Jean DiFonzo RN

Jean DiFonzo RN
Memorial Medical Center

Britney Regis

Britney Regis RN
Buffalo General

Natalie Gigliotti

Natalie Gigliotti


Andrea Zaccarella
Shopping for Seniors

noah masur taylor akins

Noah Masur NFFD
Taylor Akins RN NP Buffalo General ICU

Diana Marie

Diana Marie
Registered Nurse