5 Benefits of Living in a Waterfront Community

5 Benefits of Living in a Waterfront Property

White Single-story houses next to a body of water

Buying a new house can be tricky. We need to pay attention to  so many things when looking at home; it may be overwhelming. Still, have you ever thought about living next to Lake Ontario, for example? Has a body of water even made that list? Think about it; there’s just something about water that seems to draw us to it. It could be the serenity it offers, a liquid oasis in this busy desert of light and sound that is life. Tranquility has become a highly sought-after commodity these days. Few things can offer it, but the sound of gentle waves lapping like windborne whispers seems to soothe the senses almost instantly. The rare scenic beauty that a lake can offer is a much-needed sight for weary eyes. It is virtually surreal having to ask if there is an advantage to living close to such peace. However, when you take a deeper dive into the subject matter, you may find more reasons than you have thought. Here are five benefits of living in a waterfront property that you may not have known about.


We touched upon this in the opening paragraph, and for a good reason. We can do without many things, but health is not one of them. The health benefits provided by a waterfront property are multitudinous. Here is a selection of the most important ones:

  • Goodnight restlessness- You can say goodbye to sleep deprivation, as water has a naturally calming effect on the brain. The sound of waves crashing can combat any worries we take to bed with us.
  • Take a deep breath- Something you can do worry-free if you own a slice of paradise. A waterfront property is usually cushioned in a bit of unspoiled nature, providing cleaner air and a get-away from the exhaust-fume-choked air of the city center.
  • Get out and about- Many people point to dogs being very useful for those who have trouble getting off the couch. Lakes and rivers tend to have a similar effect. They call out to you, entice you to go out and explore the world outside the confines of your stuffy bedroom. An active life is a long life.
  • Drown your stresses- A combination of everything we have mentioned. Stress has become our number one enemy as of late. One of the benefits of living in a waterfront property is that all the elements seem to come together in a concerted effort to take your mind off your worries and wash them away.
Different vegetables arranged on plates

We can always choose to eat healthily, but to breathe healthily? That’s a different story; it’s not the same if you live next to a highway, or a lake, after all!

A Rather Good Investment

The previous advantage to owning a waterfront property may seem like a cheeky attempt on my side to wedge in more than just five benefits. Technically, they all fall under the guise of health, so, technically, I am still staying true to the title. Still, this one is pretty straightforward and has no hidden layers to it. Sometimes, what is good for us, can be slightly worrying for the wallet. Waterfront properties, however, are almost always in demand. When the time to sell comes, it will be as easy as the breeze flowing over the water’s surface. Still, there could be an argument to be made for renting a waterfront property too. If you cannot choose whether you should rent or buy, first carefully consider the pros and cons of both, before making a decision. In any case, choosing a home by the lake is never a mistake.


Plant growing out of a jar of coins

Money might not grow on trees, but a waterfront property offers both a good investment and beautiful, natural surroundings


Although this is a benefit in and of itself, it will always be closely intertwined with health. Peace and quiet are essential to us, especially since most of us have high-paced lifestyles. Pressure has become a sign of the times, and being able to escape into a safe haven is worth its weight in gold. A property tucked away in a forest or situated next to a beach, offering seclusion, privacy, and serenity, is precisely what we need after a hard day’s work. A thriving ecosystem awaits you just outside your doorstep, hiding a deep well of contentment for you to drink from. Enjoying nature, after all, is the most natural thing one can do. It’s embedded in our genes, and the peace it provides is irreplaceable.

Extraordinary Views 

No more nosy neighbors looking into your kitchen, unintentionally or otherwise, as you can enjoy a look at the open water and everything nature has to offer. Cities are great, but they are dense, compact. Space is becoming a problem, and even though ‘like two peas in a pod’ sounds nice and snuggly, this is hardly the case when we are talking about apartment buildings. With a waterfront property, you can enjoy sunsets, trees, leaves, birds, and everything else that seems to be swallowed up in those busy, busy cities.

Silhouette of a person seemingly holding the Sun in their hands during a sunset, representing benefits of living in a waterfront property

What are the benefits of living in a waterfront property? Well, could you take this photo from the roof of your apartment building?


Last but not least, these properties offer a plethora of possibilities when it comes to sports and physical activities. From fishing to kayaking, from beach soccer to intimate walks next to the water, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. It opens you up to a new world of opportunities. You can find a basketball court almost anywhere, but a place to canoe? Not as easily!

Making the Move

Having read the above, maybe you are ready to move to a quieter part of the state. Perhaps you have opted for a waterfront home or another option that suits your needs better. In any case, it would be remiss of me not to mention that the relocation process can be tricky if you live in the state of New York. New York is a large area, and any long-distance move entails a lot of planning. It can be pretty time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution in the form of moving companies. Professional movers can perform most heavy lifting, so you do not have to worry about the process. So, leave the hustle and bustle of NYC and enjoy your new home, safe in the knowledge your possessions are in the safe hands of trusted professionals.

Just One Question

No, I will not ask you what you now think of waterfront properties and the benefits of living in a waterfront property having read the article. I will not even ask you if you know how to find a suitable property since all you need is an experienced real estate firm to help you do just that. Something else is on my mind. I am wondering how many of you had looked at the first letter of each of the five benefits of living in waterfront property and had spelled out our word of the day?